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We work to ensure our customers the highest food safety, for which the quality department analyzes all our greenhouses, and all our products pass periodic analysis. Almost 75% of our production are developed within the parameters of biological control.





Own Productions, a group of farmers being able to offer the highest quality at competitive prices, given the diversity of the market.

Maximum freshness and quality, caring this from production in the field until reaching the consumer.

Our quality requirements to get the product in good condition to consumers.

 giving you the best quality


guarantee fresh


Personal Attention


Offering personalized solutions to effectively meet the needs of each client.


product freshness and quality


Product remarkable for its flavor and freshness offering a guarantee for the end customer

product variety and volume


Having a great team of producers and offering a range of varieties with the highest quality products

price set at the time


At any time adjusting to the demands of the market for offering and taking care of relacciones with our most loyal customers.

quality certifications


Quality is the key factor of our business. The certifications guarantee that we have the result of our work.


punctual delivery


By streamlining our processes and ensuring, speed, and agility `timeliness in delivery

flavored product


antonio mateo

Managing Director

antonio piqueras

Team Manager

Anna miller


Ability to use a wide range of motivational techniques to help achieve the goals set by the team

Direct, plan, organize teamwork and better results. Responsible for logistics and administration.


Direct, plan, organize teamwork and better results. Responsible for logistics and administration.


Contact Elegant Fresh Vegetables for any questions, queries or suggestions you wish to make. Our Customer Service Department is ready to help you ..


Reaitl market

Our job is to give at any time of the season a constant supply by our farmer to the customers


Offering a comprehensive service to our international customers.


We guarantee a  service with maximum  health guarantees, international certifications and traceability



wholesale market









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